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The Public Health Problem in Uganda. 

Disease   burden   and   reduced   access   to   health   services   is   Uganda’s   main   Public   Health   challenge. Communicable   diseases   account   for   over   54%   of   the   disease   burden,   malaria,   HIV/AIDs,   and Tuberculosis   being   the   leading   cause   of   ill   health.   Overall   health   of   Uganda’s   population   remains poor   with   a   low   level   of   life   expectancy   and   high   level   of   mortality,   there   is   significant   disparity   in   the distribution of health services with some regions having extremely poor services. As   a   Public   Health   Expert,   I   execute   the   following   interventions:-   Health   promotion   and   disease prevention,   through   community   advocacy   to   increase   awareness,   advocacy   for   inter-sectoral   action to    reduce    the    social    determinants    of    health;    Work    with    national    teams    to    develop,    plan    and implement   programs   of   National   interest   (Malaria,   TB,   HIV/AIDs);   Strengthening      the   health   system through   training   and   mentorship   of   health   human   resources,   advocacy   for   better   health   financing   for equitable   allocation   of   resources;   Strengthening   information   for   health   planning   and   management through   integrated   disease   surveillance   and   response,   research   for   evidence   informed   decision making and management of health information systems.
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